* Members of Congress Who Met with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization in 2010

In November 2010, 16 congressional Democrats met – either personally or through their respective staffers – with three supporters of the Marxist-Leninist Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack (FRSO/FB). Those supporters of FRSO/FB, representing the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, expressed their condemnation of “the FBI raids and grand jury subpoenas of people doing international solidarity work and anti-war organizing.” It was reported that Baldwin and her 15 colleagues in Congress expressed “genuine concern” about the situation. The full list of Representatives who arranged for meetings with the Marxist-Leninist activists were: Tammy BaldwinJohn Conyers, Danny DavisKeith EllisonRaul GrijalvaLuis Gutierrez, Michael HondaJesse Jackson Jr.Dennis KucinichBarbara LeeJim McDermottJim McGovernBobby Rush, Linda SanchezJan Schakowsky, and Maxine Waters.