Islamic Movement (IM)

  • Currently inactive Lebanese Islamist group whose ideology was modeled on that of the late Ayatollah Khomeini

The Islamic Movement (al-Haraka al-Islamiya) is a Lebanese Islamist organization consisting of almost 200 members. It is a seemingly independent, semi-clandestine group based in the Bekaa Valley and headed by Sadiq al-Musawi, a cousin of Islamic Amal‘s Husayn al-Musawi. The Islamic Movement follows the teachings of Iran’s late Ayatollah Khomeini but is independent of Hezbollah and enjoys direct access to Iranian militants. Its militia, Army of the Truth (Jund al-Haqq), has ties with Shi’i minorities in the Arabian peninsula; in the mid-1980s the Islamic Movement targeted Saudi diplomats in revenge for the Saudi execution of Shi’i activists. Though apparently inactive since 1989, the Movement may have gone underground. In 1993, Sadiq al-Musawi accused Hezbollah of having deviated from Khomeini’s teachings and called for an Islamic Republic in Lebanon.