Waters: ‘We Have Every Reason in the World’ to Impeach Trump

On MSNBC’s AM Joy Sunday, Rep. Maxine Waters said “we have every reason in the world” to impeach Pres. Trump and she believes “absolutely” that he will be.

Host Joy Reid asked, “At this point with 135, I believe, Democrats on board, do you think he will be impeached?”

“Absolutely,” Waters replied. “I think he should be impeached. And we should have started a long time ago. I know a lot of people are concerned about we’re getting close to the election, but we can’t stop. We cannot stop. This is unworthy president. He should never have been elected to the presidency of the United States. He’s destructive. He’s aligned with our enemies in Russia and cozying up to North Korea. We have every reason in the world for his impeachment. Let’s put the facts out there. Let’s bring them all together. I believe he will be impeached.”

In fact, the Democrats have been searching for the three years of Trump’s presidency for a reason to impeach, and come up empty-handed.