Warren Suggests She’ll Pick a Woman as Running Mate

While campaigning in Altoona, Iowa, on Monday, presidential contender Elizabeth Warren signaled that if she wins the Democrat Party’s nomination in 2020, she may choose a female running mate.

“It would be entirely presumptuous of me to talk about running mates,” Sen. Warren answered when asked about it. “But I gotta say — why wouldn’t I have a woman for a running mate?” Back in April, Warren wasn’t leaning either way. “I’d put a woman on my ticket. I’d put a man on my ticket,” she said at the time. “What I want is somebody who’d be in the fight.”

Among her competitors, Kamala Harris called the idea of an all-woman ticket “fabulous” but made no promises: “We’ll see if it happens.” Cory Booker, on the other hand, has vowed to pick a woman: “No matter what, I’m looking you in the eye and saying this: There will be a woman on the ticket.”

Gaffe-prone Joe Biden also hinted at a few possible female running mates, but apparently couldn’t remember them by name.