Warren: Letting ‘Lobbyists’ Run Agencies is ‘Heart of Corruption’

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, 2020 White House contender Elizabeth Warren declared that the Republican Party “putting lobbyists in charge of our government agencies” is “the heart of corruption.”

“We need to stop the control of our defense budget that is exercised by the giant defense industry,” said Sen. Warren. “We now have a secretary of defense who spent seven years as the main lobbyist for Raytheon. I asked for some simple conflict of interest rules that he would abide by. For example, not to make decisions that would involve Raytheon and Raytheon’s bottom line, and he refused. The Republicans confirmed him anyway.

This is what corruption is all about—putting lobbyists in charge of our government agencies—a lobbyist, a former lobbyist in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency,” she continued.

“This is the heart of corruption and the moment has come to call it out and fight back,” she added, eager to present herself as a candidate of the people despite her own leftist elitism.