Van Jones: O’Rourke ‘Got His Butt Kicked Hard’ in Debate

During CNN’s coverage of Wednesday night’s Democrat presidential debate, co-host Van Jones stated that he thinks 2020 White House candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke “got his butt kicked hard.”

“Unfortunately, I think that that may have been Beto’s last hurrah. I think he’s done,” Jones said. “Because there was such hope and expectation about him, and tonight was really the night to remind people why he was this incredible rising star, and on the issue he should have been at least fluent on, he got his butt kicked, hard, hard, hard.

“And there’s some justice in it, in that he was trying in some sense to fail up, that even though he lost in Texas he somehow was supposed to still have this great shot [at becoming president],” Jones added.