Univision Flusters Perez on Gains For Hispanics in Trump Economy

Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, tried to change the subject when he was asked on Spanish-language TV about the record gains Latinos have benefited from in President Trump’s economy.

“Mr. Perez,” the show’s host asked, “President Trump has achieved something important, especially for Latinos, which is to reduce the unemployment rate to historic lows. How then can the Democrats compete with a president that has been beneficial to Latinos on economic matters?”

Instead of addressing a statistic which not even Univision could deny, Perez simply reverted to a standard Democrat, class warfare talking point: “The economic situation in the United States is excellent for the wealthy like Trump,” he answered weakly. “But the economic situation is still bad for our community, and that’s why we have to elect Democrats.”

Democrats are desperate for Latino voters but have done less for them in 50 years than Trump has in three.