Trump Tells Minneapolis Rally Ilhan Omar is Helping Him Win

At a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota Thursday evening, President Trump assured the massive crowd of supporters that radical, Somali-born Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is actually helping him win in the state.

“I think we can win,” Trump said when asked if he thinks he can take Minnesota in the 2020 election. “I think Omar is helping us win in Minnesota and other places.”

“Trump is coming to Minnesota today to stoke the flames of hatred and division,” Omar had tweeted earlier in the day. “That’s not who we are or what we stand for.”

Trump wants to unite Americans and make America great again, not divide them. It is Omar and the Democrat Party who sow hatred and division.

As for “who we are” and “what we stand for,” Omar stands for the imposition of socialism and sharia law in America. She stands for Jew-hatred and the eradication of the Jewish state. She stands for open borders and the abolition of ICE. She is correct when she says that is not who Trump is or what he stands for.