Tim Kaine Calls for Acosta’s Ouster over Epstein Case

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, Sen. Tim Kaine called for Trump administration Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to step down over the plea deal he gave billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges in 2008 when he was an attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

”Well, I am glad that it looks like Epstein might finally get justice for his victimization of so many of these young girls because the sweetheart deal that Secretary Acosta cut for him when he was U.S. attorney in Miami really allowed him to evade justice,” Kaine said.

“[B]oth the federal court ruling in Miami in February and the indictment today show that Epstein is a predator and Acosta cut a secret, illegal sweetheart outrageous deal and he shouldn’t hold the job that he currently holds. He needs to go as secretary of labor,” he added.