Steyer’s Firm Funded Coal Plants in Australia, China, Indonesia

Billionaire 2020 White House hopeful Tom Steyer, self-described “environmental justice” advocate combating “climate change,” oversaw the funding of coal plants in Australia, China, and Indonesia during his tenure as CEO of hedge fund Farallon Capital Management, according to Breitbart contributor Peter Schweizer.

Schweizer noted that Steyer bought and sold coal stocks during Barack Obama’s “war on coal”: “[S]hortly after Obama took office, Farallon took a large stake in Freight Car America, which produced rail cars that transported coal. Steyer’s hedge fund also purchased over 1 million shares of Massey energy in 2011,” in addition to investing in coal plants in China, Indonesia, and Australia.

Steyer supported Obama’s termination of the Keystone XL Pipeline development while being invested in a competing Canadian pipeline company, Kinder Morgan.