Schumer: Trump Has ‘Lowest Character of any President’ Ever

On SiriusXM’s Joe Madison Show Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer declared that President Trump “has the lowest character of any president we have ever had.”

Asked what he thought of Trump’s recent suggestion that Rep. Debbie Dingell‘s late husband might be residing in hell, Schumer replied, “At a time of solemnity, when he’s being accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, to be nasty, vulgar, and just lying shows the character of the man.” Solemnity? The Democrats are celebrating impeachment. And Schumer is conflating being accused with being guilty, which Trump demonstrably is not.

“He has the lowest character of any president we have ever had. In America, even when we disagreed with other people, they had some degree of high character. This man has none,” Schumer added.

What total hypocrisy. Democrats have taken nastiness, vulgarity, and lying to new depths. What Schumer really hates about the President is that Trump is a fighter who gives as good as, or better than, he gets.