Schumer: ‘Even if He Wins the Vote,’ Trump ‘Will Not Be Exonerated’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s All In, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared that even if the Senate impeachment vote ends in a win for President Trump, he still “will not be exonerated.”

“[T]o just have the House managers say their side of the case, the president’s lawyers say their side of the case, and then just have a vote, all the American people will know that this trial wasn’t a real trial,” Schumer said.

“And President Trump, even if he wins the vote, will not be exonerated. So, either way, it’s a good outcome. But the preferable outcome would be to hear the witnesses and let the chips fall where they may.”

He won’t be exonerated even if impeachment is voted down? Clearly then, for Schumer and his comrades, political opponents are guilty even if proven innocent. And exonerated of what? Trump hasn’t been found guilty of or even charged with a crime. What a totalitarian farce the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry has become.