Schiff: How Will GOP Defend Trump to Their Grandchildren

Appearing Thursday on CBS’s The Late Show with host Stephen Colbert, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called Republicans “shameful” for defending President Trump and wondered how they will explain their actions to their grandchildren.

“For some of our members, who are defending the Constitution, it is their finest hour,” Schiff said. “But for others, who are willfully blinding themselves to this president’s misconduct, it is the most shameful hour.

“I wonder how they are going to explain one day when their grandchild comes to them and says, ‘Granddad, Grandma, please tell me what you did when that unethical man, that terrible man, that man who was putting people in cages, dividing our country, extorting our allies, please tell me what you did to stand up to that man,’” he ranted melodramatically. “What will their answer be? ”

The answer will be that Democrats like Schiff, aided and abetted by a politically activist media like Colbert and The Late Show, lied shamelessly and tried to impeach Trump because they couldn’t beat him in fair elections.