Sanders: We Have 12 Years to Confront Climate Change

At a campaign stop in Birmingham, Alabama, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders warned that the United States has 12 years to “aggressively” confront climate change, or face “irreparable damage.”

“Today on an issue that is not only of vital importance to our country, but to the world – we say to Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry that climate change is not a hoax, that climate change is one of the great threats to this country and the planet, that climate change is caused by human behavior and that the scientists tell us that we have all of 12 years to aggressively go forward and transform our energy system, unless – we are going to see disastrous results and damage to this country and the world. Irreparable damage is the term they use,” Sanders said on Sunday, echoing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s 12-year deadline to avert the Apocalypse.