Rep. Cohen: ‘We Need to Put a Scarlet Letter’ on Trump

On MSNBC’s Up Sunday, Rep. Steve Cohen claimed that it is the “duty” of Congress to impeach President Trump, adding that “we need to put a scarlet letter on him.”

“We’re moving along [on impeachment]. This is a lawless president who should be impeached, and that’s our job under the Constitution if we see violations. It’s a political decision, but we ought to be making a decision in the best interest for democracy, and that’s to impeach the man,” Cohen said.

“I’m not suggesting we impeach for politics,” Cohen continued. “I’m saying we ought to do it because he deserves it. We need to put a scarlet letter on him. We need to do our duty.”

How much Cohen and his Congressional colleagues could accomplish if they gave their constituents a fraction of the focus and passion they put into taking down a president whose biggest offense was keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House.