Rep. Cicilline: Trump to Blame for Rise of White Nationalism

In a House hearing Wednesday, Rep. David Cicilline suggested President Trump is partly to blame for the rise of white nationalism because he uses language that “dehumanizes” refugees and immigrants.

“I guess the first question I have is, are there, is there research that shows what is causing this? This is a significant increase and it seems to me understanding what are some of the causes of this that we might prevent is a very efficient way to start responding to this challenge,” Cicilline said.

He added, “And I also think it’s obviously not helpful when we have political or civic leaders in the country that are using language that dehumanizes refugees or immigrants and speak about invasions and infestations and all of that kind of stuff.”

This was an obvious reference to Trump, although the President has never used “infestations” to refer to anyone but MS-13 gangbangers, and “invasion” is not dehumanizing but a legitimate description of the flood of illegal aliens crossing our southern border.