Reiner: Remove Trump or It’s the ‘End of 243 Years of Self-Rule’

On SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show, filmmaker and unhinged Trump critic Rob Reiner predicted hyperbolically that if President Trump is not either impeached or voted out of office in 2020, it “will be the end of 243 years of self-rule” in the United States.

Host Obeidallah asked, “Between now and next year, are you worried that Trump is going to really ratchet it up, the rhetoric, to the point of invoking violent imagery? I mean, during 2016, he said punch the guy in the face.”

“He’s done it, he’s done it already, he’s going to continue to do it,” Reiner ranted. “He is a desperate guy who is sick in his soul. He is a sociopath who is empty inside, and he’ll do anything, anything to try and win” — a far more apt description of the Democrat Party than of President Trump.

“So, it’s scary,” continued a panicked Reiner. “We just have to drive our vote out. I’m telling you if he either doesn’t get removed through the impeachment process or he wins re-election that will be the end of 243 years of self-rule.”