Reiner at Rally: We’ll Make Sure Trump Is Removed from Office

Film director and former All in the Family “Meathead” Rob Reiner, who makes almost daily appearances now on Discover the Networks thanks to his worsening Trump Derangement Syndrome, promised fellow sufferers at a Trump impeachment rally on Tuesday that the President “will be removed from office.”

“Fact: he has abused his power by attempting to bribe a foreign country for his own personal political benefit,” the demagogue Reiner lied. “Fact: he has obstructed Congress in covering up all of his wrongdoing, and fact: tomorrow he will be the third president in the United States ever to have been impeached.”

“We all care about the rule of law,” Reiner lied again. “We care about our Constitution. We care about our 243 years of self-rule, and we care about it. We will make sure that not only is he impeached, but he will be removed from office.”

Neither Reiner nor anyone else calling for impeachment care a whit about the Constitution. They crave power, and Trump denied them that when he won in 2016.