Rally: Trump Blasts Schiff, Warren, Biden, Waters, and More

At a raucous Tuesday evening rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, President Trump took potshots at the desperate House Democrats introducing articles of impeachment against him.

Ripping into “Crazy Elizabeth Warren” for her $52 trillion healthcare plan that still won’t let you keep your doctor, Trump mocked her for her “phony” home video in which she swigged a beer and acted surprised to see her husband in their own home. He also ridiculed White House hopefuls Pete “Alfred E. Neuman” Buttigieg, “Low-IQ Maxine Waters,” and “Sleepy Joe Biden.” “What is wrong with this guy?” he said of the gaffe-prone Biden. “There’s something wrong. How many times can you do that?”

Trump also mocked former candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke for wanting to get rid of the Bible, guns, and oil. He labeled Adam Schiff a “crooked bastard.”

“We’re dealing with some very bad people,” he added. “We’re dealing with people who don’t respect you.”