Pelosi to Trump: ‘You Will Be Held Accountable’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded Tuesday to President Trump’s refusal to cooperate with an impeachment inquiry, declaring, “Mr. President, you are not above the law. You will be held accountable.”

“For a while, the President has tried to normalize lawlessness. Now, he is trying to make lawlessness a virtue,” Pelosi said in a statement. “The White House letter is only the latest attempt to cover up his betrayal of our democracy, and to insist that the President is above the law…

“Despite the White House’s stonewalling, we see a growing body of evidence that shows that President Trump abused his office and violated his oath to ‘protect, preserve and defend the Constitution. Mr. President, you are not above the law. You will be held accountable,” she continued.

But he won’t, because he has committed no impeachable offense. The American people, however, will hold Pelosi and her fellow Democrats accountable in 2020 for their anti-Trump obsession.