Omar Yells at McCarthy For Quoting Tlaib’s ‘Impeach the Motherf*cker’

During the House debate on President Trump’s impeachment Wednesday, Somali-born, sharia-supporting, anti-Semitic Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar loudly objected to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy quoting Omar’s “Palestinian”-American, anti-Semitic Muslim colleague Rashida Tlaib‘s promise to “impeach the motherf*cker!”

McCarthy pointed out during his remarks on the House floor that Democrats have been pushing for the impeachment of Trump for years, and mentioned that Rep. Tlaib proclaimed profanely on the very day she was sworn in that her goal was to “impeach the motherf*cker.”

Omar apparently resented the Republican McCarthy’s truthful observation and shouted, out of order, for him to “Stop!” multiple times. He did not stop.

McCarthy also noted correctly that this process has become the “most partisan and least credible impeachment in the history of America.