Omar: Trump Pitting Muslims and Jews Against Each Other

At a press conference in St. Paul, MN, on Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar claimed that President Trump tweeting that she and her colleague Rashida Tlaib should be denied entry into Israel is evidence that he wants to “pit Muslims and Jewish Americans against each other.”

“We know Donald Trump would love nothing more than to use this issue to pit Muslims and Jewish Americans against each other,” Omar said. “The Muslim community and the Jewish community are being ‘othered’ and made into the boogeyman by this administration. But… people of all different fates are coming together to speak up against the status quo in the region. I’m grateful for the solidarity shown by so many of my colleagues in Congress.”

There has literally never been a more pro-Israel, pro-Jewish president than Trump. If the Jewish community is being “othered” by anyone, it is by Omar and Tlaib, whose history of openly anti-Semitic comments and support for the BDS movement have proven that Israel was correct to bar their entry into the Jewish state.