Omar Admits Trump Continuing Obama-Era Policies at Border

Appearing on BET Digital’s #BlackCoffeeLive Wednesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar admitted that the Trump administration is implementing the policies of former President Barack Obama at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“When we think about policies that are happening at the border, some people will say, ‘Those were Obama’s polices.’ And I say ‘yes and no.’ He might have thought there was an easier path to dealing with the crisis by implementing for a short period of time policies that he couldn’t have the foresight that the next person who was going to come in was going to take it to a monstrous level. That is sometimes what we get.

“When you open the door to darkness, a monster will come out. That’s how some of these policies have really deadly impacts on our lives and some of these policymakers don’t get to worry or care about that.”