NPR: Trump’s Base ‘Too Dumb’ to Support Impeachment

On Wednesday morning, National Public Radio (NPR) discussed whether President Trump’s supporters are too loyal or “dumb” to support his impeachment.

Discussing the impeachment inquiry into the President’s phone call to the Ukrainian President, Joshua Johnson, host of NPR’s 1A, wondered if Trump supporters even care about the controversy.

“I don’t think that it is inaccurate to say that some Democrats would rather focus on 2020 because they believe that the president’s base is unshakeable, that they will support him no matter what, and that whatever comes out of this impeachment inquiry, that they are solidly set on re-electing Donald Trump. I also don’t think that hyperbole would be overstating it to say that some Democrats just think that the president’s base is too dumb to know the difference…”

Though the left is fond of demonizing the right as uneducated bigots, the truth is that Trump’s supporters are smart enough to know the “scandal” is simply more fake news from the impeachment-obsessed Democrats.