Moore: Let’s ‘End the Trump Era’ and ‘That Which Gave Us Trump’

Documentary propagandist Michael Moore tweeted on Sunday that Democrats must spend the next year working hard to end “that which gave us Trump.”

“November 3rd, 2020. One year from today,” Moore wrote. “Each of us, between now and then, must work to end the madness. What I do may not be what u do, but I would like to suggest something we both can do: While we bring an end to the Trump Era, let’s make sure we end that which gave us Trump.”

It is unclear exactly what “gave us Trump,” but Moore’s candidate is socialist Bernie Sanders, “[b]ecause Bernie understands that capitalism and the greedy form of capitalism – especially what we have now – is at the core of so many of the problems we’re talking about,” Moore explained in an MSNBC interview last month. “And he’s not afraid to come out and just say that’s a problem.”

Moore and Sanders are hardcore socialists openly seeking a “fundamental transformation,” as Barack Obama once put it, of the United States.