Moore: Democrats ‘Will Stay Home If Biden Is the Candidate’

Left-wing documentary propagandist Michael Moore declared on Thursday that the Democrat “base will stay home once more if [Joe] Biden is the candidate.”

“Last night on CNN, a student asked Biden, who had pledged to take NO fossil fuel money, why he was having an NYC fundraiser tonight hosted by Andrew Goldman, the founder of the natural gas co Western LNG. Biden denied it. Then CNN said it was true & that Biden is attending. Wow,” Moore wrote on Twitter.

“As with Hillary taking GoldmanSachs $$ & then trying to pretend nothing happened, we can NOT risk this again. Our base will stay home once more if Biden is the candidate,” Moore added. “If they see he’s in cahoots w/ fossil fuel, that he has lied…

“They will not say, ‘So what — Trump’s a bigger liar!’ They will just give up. Trust me on this…” Perhaps Democrats should listen to him. Moore did, in fact, correctly predict that their “shoo-in” candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton, would lose to Donald Trump.