Kamala’s Campaign Staff: ‘We Don’t Have a Real Plan to Win’

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ campaign staff is reportedly complaining that they “still do not have a real plan to win.”

“This is my third presidential campaign and I have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly…” wrote operations director Kelly Mehlenbacher in a resignation letter. “With less than 90 days until Iowa we still do not have a real plan to win.” She added that the campaign lacks “leaders who will lead.”

Another former staffer told the New York Times that “You can’t run the country if you can’t run your campaign.” The Times also reports that Harris’ “financial predicament is dire” and her messaging has been inconsistent; for example, she chose the word “truth” as a campaign slogan, but more recently she has dropped the phrase to focus on the term “justice.”

Harris is floundering in fourth place even in her home state of California. One of Harris’ donors told the Times, “For her to lose California would be really hard and it’s not looking good.”