Joy Reid: Mueller Report ‘Feels Like’ a ‘Cover-Up’

Saturday on MSNBC’s AM Joy, host Joy Reid suggested that Robert Mueller’s report clearing President Trump of collusion with Russia “feels like the seeds of a cover-up.”

Reid said that because Attorney General William Barr wasn’t recused, unlike his predecessor Jeff Sessions, there could be the “seeds of a cover-up” in place: “Unlike the independent counsel, which that statute was allowed to expire after Bill Clinton, which can be a runaway thing of its own — but at least that’s controlled by Congress. In this — which you know it will leak, if it got to Congress it comes out that day. But the fact that this investigation takes place within the Justice Department, which Donald Trump essentially controls and he got rid of the problem Jeff Sessions, who the one decent thing that he did was recuse himself. This guy is not recused, it feels like the seeds of a cover-up.”