Jackson Lee to GOP: Put Country Over Politics For Impeachment

Sunday on CNN’s Newsroom, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee called on Republicans to choose to put the country over politics when it comes to impeaching President Trump.

“I don’t know what Democrats would vote, yes or no, because, again, we are making it very clear this is a somber and sober decision, this is a constitutional decision, this is a decision that members have to make,” Jackson Lee stated. “Are [Republicans] going to choose their nation, or are they going to choose their politics?”

She continued, “I would hope there are Republicans that would choose their nation and their patriotism on behalf of the men and women of the United States military on the front line defending the Constitution and the American citizens who are covered by the Constitution, including this president who cannot… violate the Constitution and the rule of law. That is simply not the nation we live in.”

A Democrat lecturing Republicans about patriotism, our military, the Constitution, and the rule of law is one of the more absurd aspects of this impeachment farce.