Ilhan Omar Wants USA Powerlifting Investigated for Trans Ban

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has sent a letter to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison requesting an investigation into USA Powerlifting for discrimination against biological males by banning them from competing in women’s events.

“I am writing to express my concern over a recent decision by USA powerlifting to bar participation by my constituent, Ms. JayCee Cooper, because she is transgender,” Omar wrote. “The myth that trans women have a “direct competitive advantage” is not supported by medical science, and it continues to stoke fear and violence against one of the most at-risk communities in the world.

“Men naturally have a larger bone structure, higher bone density, stronger connective tissue and higher muscle density than women,” the weightlifting governing body explained on their website. “These traits, even with reduced levels of testosterone do not go away.”