Ilhan Omar Backs Fellow Socialist Bernie Sanders for Prez

Somali-born Rep. Ilhan Omar released a video Wednesday in which she formally endorsed fellow socialist Bernie Sanders for President.

“I am so proud to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president,” Omar said, describing the recent heart surgery patient as “the only candidate who has built a movement and continues to build a movement that transcends gender, ethnicity, and religion.

“And we know in order to take on Trump, we’re going to need a unifier– someone who understands what the fight looks like and someone who is ready to defeat him,” she added. “I was one of the people inspired by the movement that the Senator has built. There was an America that I dreamed about. There is an America that most people believe in,” she said, adding that is just “an ideal” and “not reality yet.”

It’s not a reality yet because the ideal America Omar dreams about is a failed socialist state like Venezuela under the boot of sharia law.