Hirono: Another Shutdown Would Be ‘Appalling’

Monday on CNN’s The Situation Room, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said it was “appalling” that President Trump would consider another government shutdown if no compromise is reached on a border wall.

Hirono said that national security “means much more than what’s going on with the border. It includes what’s happening in our ports, which is where most of the drugs come in. It has to be much more of a total aspect of how to ensure our security at our borders and ports, not just totally focusing on the wall. The president is so adamant about it. I’m afraid he will contemplate another shutdown. In fact, it’s appalling that after 35 days of tremendous harm and the $11 billion lost in our national economy, which will not be recovered, it’s appalling that maybe we could have another shutdown so he can get his vanity wall.”