Hirono: Bolton Should End His Loyalty to a Lying President’

Tuesday on CNN’s OutFront, Sen. Mazie Hirono declared that instead of discussing on social media how national security is at risk and under attack from within, former National Security Advisor John Bolton should testify in the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

“This is serious business, and Twitter doesn’t do it,” Hirono said. “So, as you say, he should step forward as the other courageous testifiers have stepped forward to tell the American public and Congress the truth of what the president did.”

“The truth” is that President Trump has demonstrably committed no impeachable offense, and the entire impeachment inquiry is a politicized sham.

“One can only hope that these people will finally figure out that they should think about America and national security and not loyalty to a lying president who only cares about himself,” Hirono sniped — hypocritically, since leftists like Hirono care absolutely nothing about national security and have no objections to a lying president if he or she is Democrat.