Gingrich: Obama, Lynch Knew FBI Was Spying on Trump

Sunday on The Cats Roundtable radio show, former Speaker Newt Gingrich said it is not “conceivable” that former President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew nothing about the FBI spying on the Trump campaign.

“With everything we’re learning from the inspector general‘s report, how is it conceivable that the attorney general and the president didn’t know about it?…” asked Gingrich. “[G]iven what a hands-on and dynamic president that Barack Obama was, do you really believe all these things happened and the attorney general and the president didn’t know it?…

“Now, how can we not prosecute Comey?” Gingrich continued. “How can we not prosecute McCabe? How can we say that they’ve done all the terrible things that the inspector general said they did, but they’re somehow above the law?

“People are not going to have any faith in the system until people who are guilty are prosecuted and are treated like everybody else,” he added.