Durbin: We Must ‘Accommodate the World’s Ambition’ to Be Here

In an interview with the head of the National Immigration Forum on Thursday, Sen. Dick Durbin said American families must “accommodate the world’s ambition to be part of the future of America.”

“There has to be an orderly process here, a process that really accommodates the world’s ambition to be part of the future of America,” Durbin said, although he added, “we cannot open our doors to everyone who wants to come through tomorrow,” according to Breitbart News.

Durbin leads the Democrats’ immigration policies, but he did not say how many millions of foreigners should be accommodated in the United States. A 2017 report by Gallup said 150 million people want to come to the U.S., although the actual number may be far higher.

Durbin dismissed American citizens’ concerns about the transformative impact of such open borders insanity: “I think part of the resistance to immigration is primal. It’s a stranger. It’s a new and unfamiliar face. And the first reaction is ‘Am I all right? Am I going to be safe? Is this person a threat to me?'”