Cuban: Warren’s Tax Plan Diverts Attention from Her Net Worth

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban opined on social media Saturday that White House contender Elizabeth Warren is pushing wealth tax proposals to divert attention from her own net worth of over $12 million.

Breitbart News reports that Warren has made millionaires and billionaires a central target of her campaign, proposing an “Ultra-Millionaire Tax” and “asking billionaires to pitch in six cents on each dollar of net worth above $1 billion.”

“The reality for @ewarren is that this is as much to divert attention from her income and net worth as anything else,” Cuban tweeted. “Other than [Tom] steyer she is the wealthiest of all the Dem Candidates. By far.”

“According to her filings she made 900k last year which means her family earns more than 2x the amount needed to be a 1 percenter,” Cuban added. “She paid 25.5% of that in taxes which is less than the % I paid in taxes (29.85%).” He went on to note that her $12m net worth makes her “Filthy rich. I’m sure it’s richer than she ever imagined she would be.”