Cher: Trump Will Put LGBTQ People ‘in Internment Camps’

In response to a BuzzFeed story reporting that Donald Trump has become the first U.S. president to recognize LGBTQ Pride month, former entertainer Cher warned LGBT people not to be fooled, because if re-elected in 2020, Trump will put them into “internment camps.”

Taking to her favorite medium – Twitter – for expressing her anti-Trump hysteria, Cher tweeted on Friday, “Trump’s 1st Republican Pres.2 Acknowledge LGBT Pride Month. IF trump WINS 2020,HE’LL BE 1ST 2 STRIP U OF’ALL’PROTECTIONS,& PUT U IN INTERNMENT CAMPS‼️HE’LL PUT HIS✋ON UR SHOULDER & STICK HISIN UR BACK.WAKE UP & SMELL PAIN,HIS BASE WANTS U GONE.”