Castro: Trump Putting Out ‘Siren Song’ to ‘White America Only’

On CNN Friday, 2020 White House contender Julian Castro accused President Trump of being the “biggest identity politician” who is putting out a “siren song” to those who believe “that this is a white America only.”

“Well, this guy is the biggest identity politician out there,” said Castro. “And what he’s trying to do is to divide Americans along racial and ethnic lines, and I don’t think that there has been anybody who has been more successful at building his political career on dividing people on racial and ethnic lines as Donald Trump has.

“And that’s what he’s trying to do with his attacks on these four congresswomen of color,” he added, referring to Trump’s counter-attacks on the radicals known as “the Squad,” “trying to make them ‘the other’ and putting out this siren song to people that might support the idea that really that this is a white America only.”

Such insubstantial accusations of racial “siren songs” and “dog whistles” are part and parcel of the Left’s desperation to smear a President who has done more for minorities than any Democrat president in history.