Castro: Trump ‘Doesn’t Belong Anywhere Near’ Oval Office

Thursday on MSNBC’s Live, presidential contender Julian Castro said President Trump “doesn’t belong anywhere near the Oval Office.”

Referring to the Ukraine “scandal” currently at the heart of the Democrats’ impeachment hysteria, Castro said, “These last two days, and with the explosive testimony we heard this morning, and now the president’s comments which make it even worse, these are sad and disturbing days for our democracy to realize that this is what a dictator does—target political opponents, hang military aid on whether a foreign country will do your political dirty work…

“And whether you are Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, I hope the American people see that a man like this doesn’t belong anywhere near the Oval Office,” he added.

Castro’s hyperbolic lies about the substance and facts of this purported scandal demonstrate that it is he who doesn’t belong anywhere near the Oval Office.