Booker: White Dems Never Asked if America’s ‘Ready for Another White President’

In a New York Times story on Tuesday about all-white Democrats leading the field of presidential candidates, White House hopeful Cory Booker expressed frustration that white Dem candidates are not asked if America is “ready for another white president,” and yet black candidates are always asked if America is ready for another black president.

“I’ve had lots of crazy things said to me, like, ‘Is America ready for another black president?’” Booker said. “And I’m confident it’s never been asked of a white candidate, ‘Is America ready for another white president?’”

The Times argued that “assumptions about which candidates can or can’t beat President Donald Trump have also hurt minority candidates, with some Democrats fearing that the white working class voters who helped propel Trump to the White House would not support a nonwhite nominee.”

Thus, white Democrat candidates like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg lead the pack.