Booker Wants to Beat Trump in an Election, Not Impeachment

Thursday on MSNBC’s Live, presidential wannabe Cory Booker said he is a “baller” who wants to beat President Trump in an election instead of through impeachment.

Asked if he believes he can participate in a Senate impeachment trial with any impartiality, Booker responded, “Absolutely. At the end of the day, where my gut and heart wants, I can’t escape my history. I’m a baller. When I used to play football when we went into Notre Dame, the last thing I wanted is for Notre Dame to be disqualified. I wanted to play them. I am looking forward to standing on a debate stage and looking down at Donald Trump and calling him out for who he is. I want to go into an electoral contest.

“But if he has violated his oath, if he has really sought to assault the Constitution, obstruct justice — he should be held accountable,” Booker the baller continued. “I will sit as a juror and listen to the evidence and vote in accordance with the evidence.”

Booker is bluffing, of course. The grandstanding blowhard knows he has no chance against Trump in 2020.