Blumenthal Calls Kavanaugh a ‘Dangerous and Deeply Flawed Nominee’

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh is “dangerous and deeply flawed,” and that his confirmation marked the “saddest and angriest” day of Blumenthal’s time as a Senator.

“This day is the saddest & angriest of my time in the Senate. The Republicans have succeeded in confirming a dangerous and deeply flawed nominee only by breaking all the rules and norms,” Blumenthal (D-Conn.) tweeted after Kavanaugh was confirmed by a 50-48 vote on Saturday.

“The damage done today will be enduring, to the United States Supreme Court, and to our country.” In a separate tweet he added, “To survivors in Connecticut & around the nation: I know this day is especially painful for you, but please know that we stand with you.”