Baldwin Says He Got Sick of Playing Trump on ‘SNL’

Breitbart reports that on the season three premiere of YouTube series Hiking with Kevin, actor and anti-Trump activist Alec Baldwin admitted he grew so weary of imitating President Trump on Saturday Night Live that he wished a “meteor would hit the building and kill me.”

Asked what it was like to play the president and if he ever grew bored with the role, Baldwin replied that it was “fun, fun, fun” for the first two seasons, but he “doesn’t want to ever do it again.”

“Oh yeah,” he added, “I think every time I did Trump after the first season—the first season everybody was high, they were in a lot of pain, they were confused.” Baldwin confessed he got so tired of the role that on at least one occasion, he sat in his dressing room and wished “a meteor would hit the building and kill me.”

The anger management-challenged Baldwin has previously stated that Trump is “neurologically impaired” and similar to Adolf Hitler.