Al Green Wants to Impeach Trump for ‘Bigotry’

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) on Tuesday suggested that he will soon bring articles of impeachment against President Trump for “bigotry.”

“I am here to say without question, reservation, or hesitation that we should not allow ourselves to get back to bigotry as usual,” Green said on the House floor. “There seems to be a desire to avoid the question of bigotry, to avoid the question of bigotry emanating from the presidency. There seems to be a desire to move on to something else. Let’s find the other way to deal with the problem.”

Green added, “I don’t think we should allow bigotry to go unnoticed as it emanates from the presidency. Because I don’t think so, I will make an announcement sometime next week, more than likely, as to whether or not … we will have additional articles of impeachment brought before the House.”