Tom Weitzel

  • Anti-capitalism activist
  • Member of the Workers Solidarity Alliance

Tom Wetzel is a member of the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) and a regular contributor to the group’s leaflets and promotional literature. The WSA is a radical group that seeks to topple the U.S. government and the capitalist system.

“Capitalism,” writes Wetzel, “generates a division into classes. At the top of the social pyramid is the tiny class that owns the bulk of economic wealth. Filling their need for control over labor is another class — the techno-managerial ‘middle class’ who manage, plan, advise. Their class position is based on monopolization of skills, education, and connections, rather than ownership of capital. Below them are ranged the mass of workers who are forced to work under the control of this sort of hierarchy — the working class. This class hierarchy in the economy generates great inequality in wealth and income.”