Mohammed Yousry

  • Arabic translator who facilitated the illegal conversations between radical attorney Lynne Stewart and imprisoned terrorist mastermind Omar Abdul Rahman

Born in 1955 in Egypt, Mohammed Yousry was the Arabic translator who accompanied radical attorney Lynn Stewart whenever she visited her imprisoned client Omar Abdul Rahman, the purported “spiritual leader” of the Egypt-based terror group, the Islamic Group. Rahman was the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, as well as the originator of a failed Islamic Group plan (known as “The Day of Terror”) to destroy other New York landmarks including the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, the United Nations building, and the George Washington Bridge. Stewart illegally passed along messages (including directives and fatwahs) from Rahman to the Islamic Group. Yousry was a key player in this crime, as he translated the Sheikh’s Arabic messages for Stewart, who in turn passed them along to a Staten Island-based postal worker named Ahmed Abdel Sattar, who in turn phoned and/or faxed them to Islamic Group representatives in the Middle East.