Michael Shehadeh

  • Host of the radio program _Radio Intifada_
  • Accused of raising funds for Palestinian terrorists
  • Has worked with the International ANSWER antiwar coalition

Michael Shehadeh is the host of “Radio Intifada,” a KPFK-FM Los Angeles radio program. The program is named after the murderous Palestinian terrorist campaign against the existence of the State of Israel. Shehadeh is a long-time Palestinian activist whom the United States government has been fighting in the courts to deport. The government charges that Shehadeh has a history of raising funds for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a leading terrorist group in the intifada. 

Shehadeh has also worked with the International ANSWER antiwar coalition, which is a peace front group of the communist Workers World Party. He has been a strong critic of the Bush administration’s war on terror and the Patriot Act, predicting severe government-imposed oppression against Arabs and Muslims in the United States.