Bob Rossi

  • Co-founder of the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund
  • Co-publisher of the pro-Socialist newsletter _Northwest Ethnic Voice_

Bob Rossi is the co-founder of The Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund (PCWF), whose expressed goal is “to improve the living standards of the children of Palestine in the refugee camps inside Palestine.” In reality, however, the PCFW, engages in and promotes anti-Israeli hatred through its Internet discussion board, the contests it sponsors, and its affiliations with politically motivated, pro-Palestinian-militant groups. “Palestinian solidarity work,” says Rossi, “is also a struggle in which international progressive forces can positively influence and learn from oppressed people; it carries the kinds of work we have done in the past with Cuba, Nicaragua and South Africa to new levels and will perhaps build our forces for more effective struggles against international capital.” Rossi also helps publish the Northwest Ethnic Voice, an Oregonian newsletter that pushes an anti-Israel, Socialist agenda.