Ahmed Jbarra

  • Palestinian terrorist who killed 14 Israelis in 1975
  • Later served as Yasser Arafat’s adviser on prisoners

In July 1975, Ahmed Jbarra placed a refrigerator packed with explosives in Jerusalem’s Zion Square. When it detonated, the blast killed 14 Israelis and wounded 62. Jbarra served 27 years in prison for this crime until the Israeli government set him free in July 2003 — in hopes that his release, along with that of about 100 other Palestinian terrorists, would engender Palestian trust and goodwill. Just days after Jbarra’s release, Yasser Arafat appointed him to be his “adviser” on prisoners. In this new role, the 68-year-old Jbarra immediately took to the streets to lead screaming mobs of Palestinians demanding that Israel release several hundred additional prisoners.